A Tradition of Service

IIC Finance and its affiliates are 100% owned by employees and their families and have provided traditional installment lending and other services for more than 40 years. IIC Finance started our history of responsible lending in 1977 with the opening of our first branch on Tyler Street in Amarillo, Texas. That office is currently located at 800 N. Fillmore. Our second branch is located at 108 W. 8th in Plainview with the third located at 2133-19th Street in Lubbock.

During our 40 plus years in business IIC Finance has acquired or merged with several other traditional installment lenders with histories going back over 70 years.  Our focus on consumer lending has always been signature loans without collateral and based on mutual trust between our company and customers. We have filled the gap for consumers who did not need a larger bank loan. Neither IIC nor any of our affiliates have ever been associated with payday lenders or payday loans or what is now considered a title loan.

Milton McNeely

Our current CEO, Milton McNeely, has been with IIC Finance from the beginning and had years of previous experience in the small loan industry before joining IIC.  He was recently presented with the Distinguished Service Award by the Texas Consumer Finance Association “for years of outstanding service, commitment and leadership to the small loan industry.” The presenter also mentioned that Milton is known for his integrity, family loyalty and service in the Marine Corps in Vietnam during the Siege of Khe Sanh.

Employees of IIC Finance have repeatedly nominated Milton for the Outstanding Achievement Award for his commitment to employees and customers in placing them first over his personal interest and needs. The IIC Finance company culture and business model truly reflects Milton’s character.

Milton is proud of his service in the Marine Corps, with IIC Finance, other businesses, Texas Consumer Finance Association and years of active political and legislative involvement, but most of all his heart holds service to Christ and Christian ministry at the pinnacle.  Teaching children and youth, and involvement in those lives for more than 15 years, better defines who he is and what he does more than all the rest.

Start Your Summer With Extra Cash

Time to plan your Summer vacation! Need Cash? Look no further than IIC Finance. Offering loans from $100 to $1,600.

Fairness in Lending Policy

Fair and responsible lending is an IIC Finance value. It is our policy to treat you with professionalism, respect, courtesy and fairness.