Why Choose IIC Finance?

Why Choose IIC Finance?
Answer to your questions about us

IIC Finance is a responsible installment lender providing affordable loans from $100 to $1,600.  We strive to say “yes” to get you the cash you need today. We are experts in helping customers establish and build their credit.

Q: Can I use the money any way I want?
A: Yes!  Your IIC Finance loan puts you in control and you may use the loan proceeds for any legal purpose.

Q: Are you a payday lender?
A: No.  We are a traditional installment lender making small signature loans.

Q: What collateral do you require?
A: None.

Q: Do you require postdated checks?
A. There is no requirement, at any time, that you give us a postdated check or access to your bank account.  You may use your debit card or personal checks for signature loan payments.

Q: What if I have questions after I get my loan?
A: Just call or stop by. We’re always here for you. If your need’s change or if you need additional help, be sure to let us know.

Q: Why should I trust my finances to IIC Finance?
A: Because, with integrity and honesty, our company has spent more than 40 years gaining the trust of our customers. We are 100% owned and operated by our employees and their families.

Q: When will my payments be due?
A: Your first payment will be due one month after you receive your proceeds and each month on or before that calendar day.

Q: Can I pay my loan off early?
A: Yes.  In fact, you may receive a refund of the finance charge if you pay your loan in full before the maturity date.

Tell a Friend and Get Paid!

Refer your friends or family and receive $50.00!* Our way of saying “thank you” for confirming your confidence in the IIC Finance. To learn more, click on the image.
*Subject to loan made

Learn About Credit Scores

How does a credit score work? How do I improve my score? Click on the image to find everything you need to know about credit scores in one place.